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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get into a university?

Yes. Our fully accredited high school diploma is recognized and accepted around the world.

How does this school help students learn and grow in maturity and personal development?

One of our students said, “I have never received this kind of support from schools, and this made it easier for me to excel.” We feel this is part of the reason our graduating class was able to score in the top 3% in the nation. Close interaction between teachers and students ensures that students become more capable, knowledgeable, and confident in themselves. We see each student growing in maturity and discovering their place in the world.

What about physical activity?

Each student is responsible for at least 5 hours of physical activity/week. It can include any physical activity of interest to the student, such as tennis, swimming, hiking, dance, yoga. One student used this time to become the gold medal Tai Chi champion of her country. All physical exercise is noted weekly during advising sessions and is built into the curriculum.

Is this a religious school?

Students learn about the central truths common to all religions. We support each student’s spiritual growth through such practices as meditation and yoga.

Do I have to listen to boring videotaped lectures? 

Never, instead you participate in live, highly interactive classes.

Do students have access to career and academic counselling?

Every student receives one-on-one advising sessions with a guidance counselor each week. During this time, students chart their progress in different areas like academics, personal expertise, and service, plus setting goals for university and career.

What’s going to happen to my social life?

We see beautiful, lifelong friendships forming among like-minded teens from around the world. One student said, “To be honest, my social life has improved 100%. I can share more deeply with my online friends than I can with my local ones.”

What’s it like attending an online high school?

One of our students said, “It’s like sharing a lot of virtual hugs through a screen. It’s a space for you to be who you are and become a better version of yourself.”

Education for Life (EFL)

Living Wisdom International Online School provides students with a true Education for Life (EFL), uniquely structured around a balanced approach to each student’s individual growth and development. Personalized learning experiences prepare students for the various challenges and opportunities found in life by helping them to attain true happiness, positive values, academic excellence, meaningful connections, creative expression, and inner strength throughout their journey of self-discovery.

Education for Life (EFL), our guiding philosophy, was first put into practice in India in 1916 by the renowned educator and yoga master, Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi. His “How to Live” approach to balanced education addresses the need for balanced development of the physical body, feeling nature, faculty of willpower, and intellectual aspects of human life. In 1972, the first school in the West based on this philosophy was established in California. Education for Life schools and programs are now established in the United States, Europe, and Asia. For more information on the Education for Life approach go to this link: