students on a mountain

Living Wisdom Life Skills Course 

Focusing on Personal Development for 12 & 13 year olds 

Application (to be filled out jointly by the student and parents)

            “Education for Life is a system of education that will prepare children for meeting life’s 

        challenges, and not only fit them for employment or for intellectual pursuits.”  J. Donald Walters

Student’s Name _________________________________________ Today’s Date _____________________  

Date of Birth ___________________________   Email Address __________________________

Parent Name _______________________________________ Email Address ______________________

Why do you want to enroll in this course? (student answers)

How do you rate your level of proficiency in English? (1= poor, 10 = great)

Do you have a reliable internet connection?

Can you pay the full course tuition of $500? If not, how much can you afford to pay?(parent answers)

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