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Tools of Maturity Chart for the Will Years


Name _______________________  Start Date _____________  End Date ______________

     Score your progress in both the Now and Goal columns on a scale from 1 to 12 (1 = no skill, 12 = established)

The BodyNowGoalEnd
P-1 Gaining Control of Your Diet: Choose healthy, well-balanced meals.

P-2 Getting Up in the Morning: Wake up with ease, cheerfully and enthusiastically.

P-3a Healthy Habits: Exercise – Get plenty of physical activity.

P-3b Healthy Habits: Posture – Keep spine erect in sitting, standing and moving.

P-3c Healthy Habits: Cleanliness – Have good personal habits (bathing, brushing teeth…).

P-3d Healthy Habits: Physical Appearance – Dress appropriately (neat, clean and modest).


F-1 Making Friends: Practice listening, helping and sharing.

F-2a Choosing Happiness: Attitude – Develop a positive approach to life.

F-2b Choosing Happiness: Humor and Playfulness – Find amusing and uplifting perspectives.

F-3a Practicing Peace: Contentment – Seek a state of centeredness and calmness.

F-3b Practicing Peace: Self-Respect – Nurture a healthy relationship with yourself.

F-4 Nurturing Even-Mindedness: Calm and relax the mind and feelings as needed.

F-5 Working with Others: Bring harmony and sincerity into your relationships.

F-6 Expanding Sensitivity: Appreciate beauty in music, nature and other people.

Will Power

W-1 Living Truth: Speak, think and act with integrity.    

W-2a Building Will Power: Self-Control – Choose actions consciously and wisely.

W-2b Building Will Power: Initiative – Try new things.

W-2c Building Will Power: Perseverance – Bring projects to completion.

W-2d Building Will Power: Orderliness –  Organize schoolwork, room, etc.

W-2e Building Will Power: Punctuality – Keep a schedule and arrive on time.

W-3 Cultivating Courage: Overcome worry; face challenges with determination and faith.


I-1 Developing Concentration: Ignore distractions and focus attention.

I-2 Exploring Flexibility: Be open to different ideas and experiences.

I-3a Sharpening the Mind: Attentiveness – Notice details.

I-3b Sharpening the Mind: Introspection – Be aware of inner realities.

I-3c Sharpening the Mind: Memory – Remember things and positive moments.

I-3d Sharpening the Mind: Reasoning – Think logically.

I-3e Sharpening the Mind: Imagination – Be creative in daily activities.

Additional quality that you’d like to track. ____________________________